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IT leaders are constantly challenged to deliver solutions that are aligned with overall business needs —both current and future— while maintaining a tight control on delivery and reducing costs.

Actoris understands these challenges, and understands that those often require strategic, organizational, technological and processes alignment.. 

Actoris’ Methodology

Our Methodology and Innovative Leadership help you align your IT capabilities to business strategies, and provide an integrated framework that optimizes resources, investments and talent within an organization.

Our methodology focuses on Collaboration, Co-Creation and Agile principles to answer the challenges of the Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Actoris' methodology provides a 360° pragmatic approach based on 4 pillars


The governance pillar takes the vision, the mission and business goals of our clients into account.
A well-aligned IT Strategy, a Roadmap which is consistent with the above objectives, and the implementation of efficient performance measurements enable the steering of your organization.


The organization pillar takes into account the change management of your organization to achieve your business goals.
An enterprise’s staff is the most valuable asset and represent the greatest opportunity for improving organizational performance. 
The organization pillar enables you to grow through change, to develop your human capital and to link individual performance to organizational goals. Whether your organization is implementing new technology, reorganizing for greater efficiency or seeking to enhance employee capability


The processes pillar improves the current process or creates new process for your organization to achieve your business goals.
The Processes enable your organization being more efficient by:

  • Setting up efficient processes and procedures
  • Clarifying the roles, responsibilities and relationships among the entities making up the enterprise.


The technology pillar takes into account the required capabilities and functionalities to achieve your business goals.