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General Terms of Use

General terms of use of the website: www.actoris.eu and www.actoris.be

Version date:12/01/2015

 1. The website is managed and administered by SPRL Actoris, Chaussée de Brunehaut 193/A 4450 Juprelle (Belgium). The company can be contacted at the email address contact@actois.com and is registered in Belgium with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE) under number: 546.989.334.

The user acknowledges that they have received all the information and guidance required to correctly use the website (henceforth referred to as "the platform"), which can be accessed at the web address www.actoris.eu ,www.actoris.be and www.actoris.com

The user is responsible for both the confidentiality of their password and for any use that may occur without their knowledge. In case of doubt concerning the confidentiality of the password, it is the user's responsibility to immediately inform the service provider about it in writing at the following email address: contact@actoris.com.

It is the responsibility of the user to equip themselves with the human and technological resources required to ensure connectivity to the platform. The user thus has sole responsibility for the technological and human resources they deem appropriate to implement for this purpose.

Access to the platform is subject to acceptance of the present terms of use, which the service provider is free to modify at any time by placing notification of said changes, or links to such notification, directly on the platform.

Any notification may also be addressed directly to the user via email or written correspondence.

Any supplementary rules and policies will be considered to form an integral part of the present terms of use. The user is therefore advised to regularly consult the latest version of the present terms of use, which are permanently available at the following address: www.actoris.eu or www.actoris.be or www.actoris.com

By accessing the platform, the user agrees to provide information that is precise, up to date and complete and ensure that it is regularly updated. Where this is not the case, the service provider has the right to suspend or close the account, or to remove access to all or part of the platform.

2. In using the platform, the user must expressly refrain from:

    • displaying, uploading, sending, or transmitting by email or any other means, any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, or that amounts to harassment, or is defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or invades the privacy of others, or is hateful, racist, or objectionable in any other way;
    • accessing, displaying, uploading, sending or transmitting any content that contravenes any applicable international laws;
    • attempting to mislead other users by misappropriating the personal or corporate name of another person;
    • uploading, displaying, sending, or transmitting by email or any other means, any content that violates any patent, registered trademark, manufacturing secret, intellectual property right, or any other right of ownership held by any third party;
    • uploading, displaying, sending or transmitting by email, or by any other means, any non solicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material (in particular "spamming" and distribution of "junk mail", chain letters, or any other form of solicitation);
    • uploading, displaying, or transmitting  by email or any other means, any content containing computer viruses or any other code, file or program designed to interrupt, remove or limit the functionality of any software program, computer or telecommunications tool (without this list being considered exhaustive);
    • carrying out any action which has a disruptive effect and hinders the ability of other users to access the platform;
    • hindering or disrupting the service, the servers, or the networks connected to the service, or refusing to conform to the necessary terms, procedures, general rules, or regulations applicable to the networks connected to the platform;
    • harassing any other user or users in any way;
    • collecting and storing personal data pertaining to other users.

3. The service provider guarantees that the resources, services and features provided to the user, when used in accordance with the indications given, substantively conform to generally accepted standards, and that the software and all resources created by the service provider and made available to the user do not infringe the rights of third parties and are not otherwise illicit in any way.

In general terms, the service provider is bound by an obligation of means. The service provider can in no case be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage incurred by the user in the context of using the platform and/or the platform content that is made available to them. Likewise, the service provider can only be held responsible in cases of fraud or gross negligence committed by itself. The service provider is not responsible for fraud or gross negligence committed by its servants and agents, its principals, or its executing agents in general.

The user will also have no right to make a claim against the service provider in any of the following cases:

  • loss of business opportunities or revenue associated with the operation or absence of operation, or the use or absence of use, of the platform, or of content contained on it or which is supposed to be contained on it;
  • illegal or non-authorised intrusion by any third party into the service provider's web server or platform;
  • introduction of a computer virus to the service provider's web server or platform;
  • temporary bandwidth congestion;
  • interruption to the internet connection service for reasons beyond the service provider's control.

The user accepts that the features provided via the platform are subject to further development. Therefore, particular features may be removed and others added, and the user may not consider access to a specific feature to constitute a vested right. Likewise, the service provider has sole responsibility for deciding whether particular content should be included on / removed from the platform.

4. The service provider reserves the right to temporarily or permanently alter access to the platform, in full or part, at any time and for any reason at all without the need to give the user prior warning.

This will apply, for example, in cases where maintenance is being carried out on the platform or when major changes are being made to the services and / or features provided. The service provider cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from modification or interruption to, or suspension of, access to the platform, no matter what the cause.

5. The user is provided with a user licence for the platform and its content. The licence is non-transferable and covers use for personal purposes only. The duration of the licence is limited to the period of validity of the username and password, which will be provided by the service provider.

The information, logos, designs, branding, models, slogans, graphic styles and, as a general rule, the courses and their content, etc., which are accessible via the platform, are protected by national and international intellectual and/or industrial property law.

Except with the express permission of the service provider and/or the third parties concerned, the user is not authorised to alter, reproduce, loan out, borrow, sell, distribute all or any part of the elements present on the platform, or create derived works from them. Consequently, it is prohibited (and the user cannot accord the right to any other party) to copy, alter, create a derived work from, reverse engineer, deconstruct or disassemble, or in any other way attempt to access the source code, or to sell, attribute, sub-license or transfer in any way whatsoever any right pertaining to the platform or its content.

6. In the event of litigation, Belgian law will apply and the district courts of Liège will have sole jurisdiction.