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The The 7 greatest succes factors driving your change Management program

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Do you think your organization needs to change? 

Organizations need to change constantly, for all kinds of reasons but achieving a true efficent change is rare. Organizations don’t change, people change, one person at the time.

Many managers make the mistake that change management is a good meeting or an effective training event. As much as we might like employees to change instantly, change is a process that occurs over time. In many cases, we may need to spend as much time reinforcing change after implementation as we did building awareness of the need of the change in the beginning.

Moreover, projects teams often ignore the people side of Change as they focus on the technical aspects of their solutions. They associate technical success with project success. Actoris mission and engagement is to create converging paths that bring together Leadership, Project Management and Change Management to achieve the business objectives of the change.

Are you ready for Digital change?

The 7 greatest success factors driving change* are:

  1. Active and visible executive sponsorship.
  2. Structured change management approach.
  3. Dedicated change management resources.
  4. Integration and engagement with project management.
  5. Employee engagement and participation.
  6. Frequent and open communication.
  7. Engagement with middle managers.

The pace of Digital transformation is accelerating! Organization must implement change effectively giving themselves a significant competitive edge by focusing on the factors that are essential to success.

Why Actoris to support your change management program?

To answer the challenges of the Digital Transformation, Actoris uses proven Change Management methodologies such as Prosci - ADKAR model, Kotter’s eight steps to change, etc.

Act for your Change Management helps you to:

  • Envision plan and manage Digital Transformation program.
  • Give room for Co-Creation and other forms of participation and collaboration.
  • Encourage Culture change.
  • Determine the Change Management maturity level to get a clear picture of the current environment.
  • Improve organizational design.
  • Define your Change Management strategy.
  • Prepare your Change Management team.
  • Develop Sponsorship model.
  • Develop Change Management plans:
    • Communication.
    • Sponsor roadmap.
    • Training.
    • Coaching.
    • Resistance management.
  • Collect and analyse feedback.
  • Diagnose and manage resistance.
  • Implement corrective actions & celebrate success.

* from Prosci Benchmarking Report- 2016 Edition

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