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The pace of Digital transformation is accelerating! Organizations must implement change effectively giving themselves a significant competitive edge.

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Almost every day we hear the word "Digital" under different contexts. For example: "The future is digital", "Company must be prepared for the digital changes" ...

At the end of day, what does digital or digital transformation mean?

Looking at it more closely, Digital is associated with a technological revolution. We talk about the digitization of documents, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Big Data...

In reality, Digital is much more than a technological revolution. It is an organizational and cultural mutation. Digital is a new paradigm that opens up new horizons and opportunities for our society.

The organization is redefined: new roles, new responsibilities, more agile governance, different risks, customers and users are closer, at the heart of the company.

What is the organizational model for a digital company?

The business units and IT are one and only one entity, called a Digital organization. The mission is to respond to the customers’ needs while remaining consistent with the strategy of the company. In others words, the company refocuses on its core business.

What is not based, or to a large extent not the core business of the company is outsourced to companies (small or large) specialized in their field, such as infrastructure management, network management... It can also be functional suppliers such as salary management, communication management, contract management...

The Digital paradigm profoundly changes the company in terms of:

  • Client (User) management
  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • Technology management

 Digital Paradigm - Actoris

What are the challenges of the Digital paradigm?

Clients challenges

The company must be innovative in its core business in order to differentiate itself and to be competitive.
The company must ensure that users use and remain loyal to its services. The design and implementation of the user experience is prime otherwise the clients will use a competitor service which is at their reach and more user-friendly.

Governance challenges

To innovate, the company must focus its governance on collaboration and co-creation. In addition, it must be agile in order to respond adequately to clients' needs. This means that processes must be reviewed, optimized, or created such as innovation management by introducing "Design Thinking" methods, supplier relationship management, development (Scrum, Agile model, etc.).

Risks challenges

Within the company, risks are studied globally. All stakeholders in the ecosystem of the digital organization generate risks to mitigate. Risks are related to compliance, privacy and information security.

Technology challenges

The digital paradigm includes the interconnection of several companies specialized in a technological field. Suppliers must be able to provide services with high availability, high scalability and, especially, high interoperability.

To conclude, the Digital paradigm is a new operating model to be implemented within companies. And not just a technological revolution.

The pace of Digital transformation is accelerating! Organizations must implement change effectively giving themselves a significant competitive edge by focusing on the factors that are essential to success.

Actoris  helps companies in their digital transformation journey.

Act for your "Digital Transformation helps you to:

  • Assess your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses to shift into the Digital paradigm.
  • Build a Digital Transformation journey for a new business model including a vision and a clear strategy.
  • Implement the new operating model, which implies an organizational mutation, with new business & technical skills and roles, creation of more service-oriented processes
  • Achieve maximum right balance between customer experience, agility, risks and partnerships.
  • Strengthen Digital leader acumen to develop and to sustain a Digital organization where innovation, design thinking, co-creation and collaboration are the key factors.

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