Consulting Services Governance Act for Demand Management

Act for Demand Management

Are you doing the right things?
Are you answering market and customers’ needs?

Demand Management is vital for an organization and it is the more appropriate function for managing client expectations. Moreover Demand Management obtains results that fit with the real client needs.

Demand Management is often the missing function and the process into an organization. Nowadays, each organization aims to gain new market share and competitive advantages by reducing the time to market. Thus, any ideas can bring business value and they have to be addressed seriously.

Demand Management function is vital and it’s a key process for any organization.
Moreover, It strengthens the Agile methods.

Demand management intercepts the demands stream, analyzes the demands, and takes decisions to transform the ideas in term of business values. The demands are transformed into service which are collected into a Service Portfolio. The Service is the starting step to prepare, coordinate and execute various programs, projects or features.

Act for “Demand Management” helps client to:

  • Identify the idea triggers and optimize the delivery channels of those ideas. (internal or external)
  • Design and implement the Demand Management process, including the decision funnel and the prioritization matrix.
  • Establish the Demand Management function across the organization
  • Establish and implement the relations with Enterprise Architecture, Programs and Portfolio management or Feature Management.
  • Design and implement the Service Portfolio
  • Invest in the right technology to support Demand Management