Act for Digital CMDB

What is the impact of changes into your IT environment?
What is the cost of your IT services?

IT environment continues to move into high levels of maturity in order to provide better IT services to their businesses. This is why a repository such as the Configuration Management System (CMS) becomes vital to collect information to provide reports with accurate data to support management decisions.

Actoris has developed a methodology which helps clients to implement successfully a CMS/CMDB. The added values of this methodology are: focused on consumers’ needs and independent of technology vendors.

Act for Service Asset and Configuration Management helps clients to :

  • Provide  an accurate view of the Business and IT service eco system
  • Address the licenses’ compliancy issue across the entire lifecycle of IT Assets, i.e. from Procurement to Disposal of the IT asset
  • Ensure data is entered accurately into the CMS, without manual intervention, by using discovery solutions
  • Identify the impact and the risks on the IT components and mitigate them to support decisions on change requests
  • Implement a service oriented model aligned with IT service catalogue.