Act à la Carte

What are your pains?
Do you have specific needs?

Realizing the benefits of Business Service Management helps IT to transform their organization into a service orientated organization by verifying:

  • The service and process adequacy with the business requirements
  • The service and process compliance to market standards.
  • The suitability of the used toolset versus the process needs
  • The value delivered by the process, in terms of organization efficiency, cost control  and quality of service

Actoris has developed a tool which identify with the clients where the improvements are needed across their organization.


Act “à la Carte” helps clients to:

  • Select  the right technology to support business needs
  • Train & coach employees to increase their knowledge and productivity
  • Enable IT to deliver  business values
  • Improving Service Quality
  • Structure the organization to satisfy internal and external customers
  • Define contract including service level agreement.
  • Reduce the costs of IT Operations in several domains.
  • Build Request For Proposal - RFP, Request For Information - RFI.
  • Etc.