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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to OBASHI.  OBASHI Foundation certificate holders can work as part of an OBASHI team, understand how OBASHI supports business strategy and explain the benefits of OBASHI.

What is OBASHI?

Modern businesses are complex organization. People, processes and technology work together to achieve strategic goals and deliver business processes

OBASHI is a revolutionary new methodology to allow you to really understand how your business works.

The OBASHI methodology allows you to create visual maps to easily communicate:

  • How your business works
  • The assets that make it work
  • The inter-dependencies between assets

OBASHI gives you the clarity and vision to help you develop and improve the way your business works.

OBASHI is made up of 6 layers:

  • Ownership
  • Business Process
  • Application
  • System
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure

These are the key layers that make up every organization.

By mapping layers, and the dependencies between them, you can understand your business, and easily identify and communicate improvements and changes. 

The OBASHI Foundation Course

About the course

  • Get OBASHI Foundation qualified at your own pace
  • 30 or 60 days online access
  • Fully accredited online training
  • Tutor support available via email

Course Contents

  • 12 Modules to easily understand the terminology, the structure, the concepts
  • Includes videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides, syllabus and sample exam
  • Study duration: 13.5 hours
  • Content
    • Introducing OBASHI
    • OBASHI and business strategy
    • Core principles
    • Business and IT Diagrams and Dataflow Analysis
    • Elements and layers
    • Relationship rules
    • Relationship types part 1
    • Relationship types part 2
    • Techniques and standards
    • Physical vs. Logical
    • Modelling using OBASHI
    • The OBASHI exam

Course Samples


  • This course does not require any existing knowledge of OBASHI
  • There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam

Exam details

  • Exam duration: 60 minutes
  • Exam format: closed book, multiple choice
  • Exam delivery: online, webcam proctored Read more about online exams here
  • Exam pass mark: 60% (30/50 questions)
  • Exam language: 15 minutes extra time is available for non-native English speakers
  • Exam vouchers must be used within 6 months of purchase


OBASHI Foundation - Access 30 days

379 € excluding VAT and excluding exam cost

OBASHI Foundation - Access 60 days

427 € excluding VAT and excluding exam cost

OBASHI Foundation Exam

215 € excluding VAT and excluding exam cost

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