Why Technology is so important in Business?

No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you produce the results your customers demand

With the evolution of technology, CIO’s and their staff are constantly challenged with selecting the appropriate infrastructure that meets the demands of the business.   Whether it is on site with a purpose built environment, or delivery of a financial, a service, or technological models such as “Cloud”, each decision must take into account a flexible and cost-effective platform for critical applications.

Moreover, CIO's agenda focuses on IT Risks Management, Information Security Management and IT Security Management. 

Our goal is to help you drive maximum results from your investment, enhancing the productivity of your business, while reducing capital requirements, operating costs  and incured risks.

Actoris is an agnostic Consulting company in the field of technology.  
Nevertheless, we have established partnerships with key software vendors which are leaders in their field.
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Actoris helps clients to:

  • Understand where they are, and lead them where they need to; i.e. define the requirements, establish the priority matrix, the roadmap, ...
  • Choose the best technology vendor that match the needs.
  • Evaluate accurately the implementation costs, timing and resources required
  • Coordinnate the implementation of the chosen technology